Keep Our Kids Local

keep our kids local

There are not enough foster families in Abilene.

The result? More than half the children who go into foster care have to leave Abilene to find safe families in other cities. 

This is a big problem. This causes more trauma for the child in foster care and means even more disruption to their life.  Not only must they leave their parents, but because of the lack of foster parents, they have to leave their school, friends, activities, and everything familiar. This also makes it more difficult for birth parents to make weekly visits. Weekly visits are essential in allowing the child and parent(s) to maintain connection and visits are a powerful motivator for parents to take the necessary steps to get their kids back. 

Kids in Abilene and surrounding cities need us to step up. We can eliminate unnecessary pain and heartache by saying "YES" to becoming a foster parents. 

These are our kids, our city's future. Our vision is to see Abilene and all the cities in the 325 area code have MORE THAN ENOUGH safe families for our kids. 

You can be a part of this vision. Together we will keep our kids local. 

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