Babysitter Training Collaboration Events

Several local placement agencies in Abilene have partnered together to offer quarterly training events. At this event, you will start the process to become a licensed babysitter with one or all the agencies. 




Trainings are held on Saturdays from


Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, 701 S Pioneer Drive, Abilene, Texas

Registration will close on the Wednesday before the training to allow time for pre-class paperwork. 


 *Abilene placement agencies can license babysitters individually. If you have a particular agency you want to work with and are ready to start the process now contact that agency directly.




Steps to becoming licensed to babysit:


1.  Register online for the training day event.

The cost is $40 if you need CPR training.

If you are already CPR certified there will be no fee at registration.

Training is from 9 am-1 pm.

 Your day may be shorter if you have been certified in CPR in the past year.

2. Complete a background check application.

The application is available for download on the registration page.

 Please forward the completed application to the primary agency you would like to work through. 

If you know a foster family you want to babysit for be sure to ask them what agency they use.  You want to be licensed with that same agency. 

Agencies who participate in the collaboration are New Horizons, Methodist Children’s Home and Christian Homes of Abilene

Download the application when you register as it will not be easily available once the web page is closed. The web page will close up to 10 days prior to the training day to allow time for the agencies to run background checks and assimilate all of the paperwork and give you time to complete the online training. Please do not delay in getting your application in for this reason. 

You will not be allowed to attend the CPR portion on training day if your background check has not already been cleared. 

*Be sure to complete all necessary documents before the training day event.

* Background check fee ($37) will be required at the time of fingerprinting.


Step 3: Schedule a fingerprint appointment.

You’ll receive an email to schedule your fingerprint appointment AFTER submitting your application to your primary agency (so please turn in your application as soon as possible). You will also have several documents to collect before training day. Each agency has a few differences in their requirements, so read the beginning email carefully as some agencies have online video trainings which will need to be completed to become licensed.


Step 3: Attend the Training Day!!

Bring with you all of your documents. If you are not CPR certified you have the opportunity to complete the certification at the training event.

After all the requirements are met, your primary agency will approve your certification and share the necessary paperwork for certification with the other agencies that you choose.






Who are the 3 agencies that are part of the joint certification?
New Horizons, Methodist Children’s Home, and Christian Homes of Abilene. This is a collaboration of several local churches as well.

The agency I want to babysit for is not on the list. Can they join the collaboration now?
Please ask your agency if they would like to be part of this collaboration. If time still allows, we would love to have them join us in using the same format that the original 4 agencies have all worked out. We were not trying to be exclusive; we just needed to start somewhere and this group was already working together.

How much will it cost?
CPR training will cost $40 and will be completed on training day. If you do not need CPR, we still need you to sign up to start the paperwork process.  Each participant will also be required to pay $37/person which will be paid to the State’s fingerprinting company. 
Who has to get background checked?

Anyone who is 14 years or older who lives in the home. If a person will ever be the primary caretaker of a foster child, they must be certified with the background check and training. (ex. Parent in the house gets certified and they will be responsible for the foster child. A 14 year-old (or older) son or daughter in the home needs only to be background checked, but they cannot be left alone with the foster child.)  The minimum age for training is typically 18 years old so that they too can be left alone with a foster child. It can be possible for a 16-17 year old to become licensed, but please contact your primary chosen agency to learn if you can meet the additional requirements.

*We do not offer refunds for this training.

*Childcare will not be provided.