How to solve the foster care crisis in Abilene

foster care crisis abilene

 There is a crisis right here in our own backyard.

There are far more children entering foster care in our area than there are foster parents.

This problem is too great for one person, church, or organization to solve, but if we work together we can end this crisis. 

Foster 325 is a collaboration of churches and organizations committed to ensuring loving, stable homes for every child in foster care within the 325 area code. 

By working together we will raise up more than enough foster families.

By working together we will launch Wrap Around teams that will walk alongside these families helping them foster stronger and longer.

The solution is simple. Our children need us to rise up and open our hearts and our homes to them. God sets the lonely in families and we want to be the avenue He uses to do just that for the vulnerable children in our area. 

We are committed to fostering 325 TOGETHER.


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